It’s been super rainy these past days and I’m so numb from the cold that I constantly have to drink tea and brood in my sweater. I really do miss the sun. The Weather has definitely thrown me in my shell cause I’ve been really calm and so into myself. I’ve registered with my school library so I can read a new book each week. I haven’t been reading as much as I used to and I feel incomplete. P.S(I’m searching for “under the Udala Trees ” by Chinelo Okparanta). I’ve avoided drama lately, associated with everyone less and I’m therefore in my full blown SOLITARY MOOD . 

From my knowledge about “the Psychology of Colors”, –  it’s really interesting! Ever wondered why Coca-cola, Macdonald’s, Mr biggs and Tantalizers use the color red for their Logos?, red makes your heart beat faster, excites you and makes you hungry. Or why First Bank uses blue? Blue engages trust. There’s more to colors than meets the eyes peeps and you’ll most definitely want to know choosing colors is a huge part of branding if you’re  ever gonna be an  Entrepreneur. I bet you didn’t know these, so, you’re welcome! 

Back to color choice, brown  represents  warmth, something I wish I could feel. Brown also represents material security and wealth accumulation, another thing I wish I had (I literally have no money) . I haven’t been sad, just hopeful for little things. It’s my sister’s 15th birthday today and she’s in boarding school so there’s obviously no way to reach her, I really do miss her. So, I wore her turtle necked top and cut my hair like she’d probably advice me to and used her little black bag she gave me. I had it with my backpack.I also went with these very new pants I got from a hawker here and my favorite sandals I bought in ekpoma, Edo state sometime last year. This pair is almost dead and I think the  sandals have gone extinct cause I had my sister who schools there help me search but she found nothing. I wish I had bought two pairs, well, we’ll have to find new favorites after this is gone. Putting this on, I had no idea what I looked like until I took photos( I haven’t seen a mirror since I left home in may). My outfit is the represntation of my mood all the time. LOL. “Dress how you feel”  is key for me and the funny thing is I don’t always do it on  purpose. 

Besides all of this warmth and shit I feel, I’m particularly happy about the extent of progress I’m making with a friend I’ve had tonnes of problems with. The air is cleared up and I feel like we’re starting over. I’m hopeful this time. My cousin Eliora turned 1 and so did my friend, only he turned 19. I’m glad that my days are now really productive. You know how you smile to yourself at the end of the day?  Yaaas ! Honestly, I’ve learned that it’s not about being busy, it’s about being productive in the end. You can have alot of spare time and still achieve much more than the “busy” ones.  I’ve also learned to make time for stuff that’s important. I’ve really become an angel :). I can make out time to do whatever now. Call, text, chat, and stuff while doing homework (kinda). No one has come to me for talks in a while, I guess it’s cool. 

EditI hope you all learn to be productive and not just busy. Suggest whatever you want me to write about and I will. I’m off to my self study of the  concepts of “misogyny”,  “misogynoir” and “transectionality”. I want to understand these things and I’ll share if you want me to.

Au revoir pippies! 


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