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There’s something missing in the girls of today. That special touch is fading a little more in every way. No longer are girls confident in their look or their shape, they now only have what society has to say. “team dark or light skin”. But when did it become fine to determine beauty by your shade?

Hollywood’s got them washed in everything that they say. Who said you’re supposed to accept society’s definition of beauty? Morals seem to be missing, self respect is at its last. Girls’ are getting implants to make the boys want  the ass, but what happened to reading books? To getting bigger brains? To attract men with their pants around their waist and not their knees.  Girls with tattoos from their neck down, jordans on, cap is fitted. Living a lifestyle like a guy and letting  all of them hit it and then they say “fuck love, guys do it so why not?” but you forget that being a woman is the most powerful thing that you’ve got.

Where is the power? It’s in your heart! Your mind! Your head! But girls are confused they think it lays between their legs, little do they know it is a weapon of self destruction if not used in the right way with the proper instructions. Girls will rather take a fellow who’s hot tempered with no degree,and diss a business owning gentleman who will offer all they need. Yet the wonder is in the air about where all the good men are. These girls are choosing to be strippers instead of going to college but that’s only temporary, no one can take away your knowledge, well, that doesn’t matter to them because rappers talk about them in songs but aren’t seeking them in the future, they’ll need women who are strong. 

So, how far do we go from  here ? Where being a bitch is a good thing and the new right is so wrong. We have to raise our daughters and show them the beauty of their hearts and not the beauty of their busts. Show them the difference between love and lust. Show them the beauty deep inside them cause that’s the only beauty that doesn’t fade away. Inner beauty. It’s invaluable. Show them to accept who and what they are, basking in their authenticity. Not letting society’s bants corrupt their Activism because our Authenticity is our Activism. But we can’t do these if we’re all bitches. We have to be women. Women fight. Women are strong. That’s a weapon we’ve been given. 

How far do we even go from thinking that we have to show our bodies to be accepted. Society has washed us out to believe that! How far do we go from hating one another and segregating beauty to be better than each other? ” I’m better because I’m skinny, I’m better because I’m thick”.  Truth is, it’s just a feature , it doesn’t mean a thing. 

So girls, be WOMEN and not  bitches, hoe’s or sluts. You are God’s gift to man and not a tool to fulfil lust. But if you cannot see your worth and the true beauty of being  women, you are truly missing out on blessing that has been given.

Ladies please respect yourselves 

Not originally written by me.

I only refurbished this poem. 

All pictures were taken from @amandlastenberg on instagram. She inspired this post. 


15 thoughts on “BE A WOMAN 

  1. Almost got carried away… by been a of d best writtings I ever settled down in reading Cuz each word worth my reading… Still wondering when I got to d end tho.. more grace luv.

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