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They say that we are supposed to live for “us” and be happy with ourselves first before others. In most cases, yes, but there’s times when it’s okay for others to come before us. Besides that, I want to say that it’s hard for us in Africa because of our culture and traditions to really live for ourselves. We have to obey our parents and so we misinterprete that and think we must do everything they say. That we can’t independently make life choices because we’re teenagers. We’re  “small” and not grown enough to make meaningful choices. I have been a victim of that. My mum wants one of her kids to be a lawyer so she chose me because I was the most talk active one while we were growing up. I could and still can argue and so I was meant to be a lawyer.  I started to think law was for me and then I fell kinda in love with it. Worked hard for it but despite all my amazing grades I never got admission into the University to study that. All the time I would deserve it,  I never got it. I just got something different from law. 

This made me start to think of purpose. If I’m struggling with it. It’s not for me.  Some people know about purpose and are living it. Some know but don’t care about it or doubt it. Others have no idea. This thing called purpose. What is it? How do I understand it? How do I even identify it? Do I have purpose? How do I find my purpose? Who am I? 

 I would like to think of purpose as the reason something is made. The reason something is made in a certain way. It’s the reason we were born as human and not frogs. This means that there’s a role you have to play besides playing football in your school team because you like it. It’s much more than that. It’s something bigger. It’s simply the reason God made you. The reason you’re not like everyone else. The reason you’re who you are. Who am I? I thought of so many things. I thought, the Trees have purpose. They give us food, shade and even shelter for cute little squirrels. Even different parts of our body have purpose! How our veins have this little thing they do and the body isn’t complete without it.This means everything has purpose. Even you and . Alot of people die without even knowing they have purpose. Without knowing who they really are. They just take what life gives them. Millions and Millions of people are struggling with life everyday because they don’t know who they are,they struggle because they’re not in the right place. And that’s so sad. I would like to think that is the saddest thing  that could happen to a person, knowing that something could have been better because you existed but you had no idea. I don’t want that for me or anyone else.

So, where do I find my purpose? God gives purpose. Sometimes you have to ask him directly but most times he has put signs around us. These tiny little tags on everything that when taken note of will lead you to your purpose.  You don’t look up  trying to see these things, you don’t look  down either. You look inside you. There’s gifts he created us with. You didn’t just think he created you empty, did you? Start to ask yourself,what do I do that captivates people? What are your strengths? What do I do better than anyone else around me? What do people come to me for? What opportunities come my  way? What kind of people do I find myself around? You’ll see that when these questions are answered they lead to one thing. It’s important to understand that a part of the world is missing when you don’t fulfil purpose. I imagine that someone was born to end corruption in Nigeria but he/she probably doesn’t know or is doing something different from his purpose. 

After finding out these things you should go to God for confirmation. I’ll also like you to know that your purpose has a catchment area. A jurisdiction. It’s not for the whole world. For some a state, some a community. That’s where alot of people miss it. The world mustn’t know you before you know you fulfilled purpose. You have to find out who your purpose appeals to. What good is your purpose? Find your purpose and build capacity in it. You could turn your purpose into a skill and make money from it. It’s not impossible. Turn your purpose into a skill and find a market that suits it. You were probably created so that a particular community in your country would wear clothes or even good shoes. 

I know  law isn’t for me. For the first time I was able to tell that to my mom. It’s liberating because I don’t have to live to please her and be unhappy with myself.  I’m finding out what my purpose is. I know it’s Fashion inclined but that’s not enough. I’m finding out  who  I really am. I hope you find out too. I really love these pictures as I took them right after I told truth to my mom. I think I look free as a bird 😳

Happy July and bye☺



9 thoughts on “VIEWS: PURPOSE 

  1. Well written and eye opening. I completely agree with your statement about African children always putting their parents’ priority before theirs.

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  2. Realest thing I’ve read so far… Blessed me a lot, this few days relating with you and your blog had me thinking how much in common we are… I’ll definitely find my purpose in life with you. Thanks 🙏

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