DIY: Denim Chokers 

Hi guys! I’m back with a new scoop ☺.  I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I got really busy with exams for about 3 weeks at first then I got to see my blog for the first time on a computer and the images were soo poor 😭😭😭. It was so sad I literally got discouraged but that hasn’t helped anyone. You all need to pray for me! Cause I need an iPhone 6s or a Camera in my life. Anyways, I hope ya’ll are good and popping. I’m not happy I couldn’t experience any of the summer fun and stuff and now its over. Better things will come I guess. Now I’m home in Abuja and I’ll be here till early November. Loooong ass holidays are so cool. I get to rest alot and have long hours of “me”  time and that’s helpful as I can think better and make more valuable contributions and be really creative. 

So back to our current scoop! I’m probably late but Denim Chokers have really being a thing and I’m absolutely in love with them . God bless whoever came up with the idea ☺.  I didn’t want to go through the process of making one for myself so I tried to purchase these  and I see online stores selling these  (Denim Chokers)for RIDICULOUSLY high prices! And I’m like “no waaay!”. I’m not spending 15 dollars on something I can make myself. So basically all I used is ;

  • A good strong pair of jeans. ( I used an old oversized one) 
  • A Strong pair of scissors. (depends on how thick your denim is though  


  1. Cut denim to desired length. If you have a tape rule you just measure your neck and use that as a guide in cutting. It’s only reasonable to leave a few inches in because it’s better for it to be too long than too short. 
  2. If you cut a piece that’s breathy like I did. Fold in half and cut same.
  3. For frayed edges, I just held the yarns and pulled them all the way out of the denim till it looked right. 

P. S : It’s all in what you want. My denim has two colored yarns. You can go with something different. Black denim, white, grey.  The key is going for what you want. 

      4. Wrap round your neck and finish up by cutting extra inches off and securing with a button or loop or anything that suits you. I personally don’t like the idea of a button on my chokers. I prefer velcro and that’s what I’ll use for mine when I eventually find it. If you don’t know what velcro is 

That’s it. 


You can also make chokers with whatever you want from ribbons to lace materials. It’s amazing! I’m trying the ribbon chokers next and I’ll be here again to show you. I hope this is helpful in the slightest way and leave comments if you please,  don’t forget to subscribe via email so you get notified when I post something new. 

Till the next scoop, Bye! 


2 thoughts on “DIY: Denim Chokers 

  1. Nice post. I just recently got the choker thing going. I used to feel like I couldn’t breathe whenever I wore it, probably because I am claustrophobic but this was a relatively easy DIY.

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