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Why should people’s negative opinions about my outfits matter? 

Hey guys!

 I knowww! I went MIA for a while but I’m here now. Lol. I trust ya’ll are good cause I am. Very recently I got back to school and I’m back on that train where I have to figure out my life on my own. I’m back to being starred at,  laughed at and awkwardly smiled at and it’s safe to say I’m  getting used to it. Yesterday was halloween and I have never really liked the idea cause I’m honestly clueless about it. I just know it has to do with the rising of the dead and that shit supposed to be scary. Anyway, I got up in the morning and decided to do my dream 80’s  American teenager custome.  It looked so good in my head so I tried it out and I ended up looking like the minions and I’m like “oh well, best of both worlds”  🙂 and I wore it to  class. 

At about noon, I got talking with a few of my friends and we talked about something we’ve never talked about before. Why I dress the way I do. They thought it wasn’t normal and that it was funny and that it was different but at the end of their speeches they all said “but I like it”. So I’m sharing my answer to the question. 

I dress the way I do because firstly before anything else, I like it. It makes me feel really good about myself and makes me very comfortable. I want young people to be inspired to wear what they want especially to school despite other peoples negative opinions. I get shy alot of times but then I think again, what do I have to loose by being happy and comfortable despite what other people think?  NOTHING. You have absolutely nothing to lose. People who feel uncomfortable by me wearing baggy jeans or boots or even oversized dresses despite the Weather & Country I’m in, well, that’s on them not me. I’m not about to let my location stop me from being what I want or the weather determining what I wear. Sorry but I can’t give them that much power. I have the power. So  I come to school feeling my best and that’s what’s really important.I  have to admit sometimes my outfits don’t make sense to even me but puhlease! Lol.  I don’t even  care if anyone else wears weirder things or not,  just as long as they’re comfortable. Normal is boring so it’s really exciting to see new stuff once in a while or everyday. Fashion is so fun and I wish everyone could experience it in their own way. Be inspired to wear what you want. It’s all about you. Never forget that! 

On that note I’m sharing beautiful photos from my outfit yesterday.I took these with my new camera and edited with VSCO.  I hope you feel inspired and happy. Outfit details below for the first time. Enjoy! 

Turtle Neck – Atmosphere

Denim Trouser – Thrifted  

Belt – Tommy Hilfiger 

Boots  – Thrifted 

Backpack – Thrifted 

P. S: On my neck is my Camera Pouch 

Don’t forget, the lesson is to slay without regard :). 

Till my next scoop, Bye Kidssssss! 


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