I’m not even going to start to blast you with stories of my life from how I’ve never had luck with settling in school within the first 3 weeks especially the first semester, to how I’ve had constant headaches & still have to shuffle that with attending classes & waiting in long queques to have my fees paid here and there. Going without food most times because I honestly hate cooking + snacks have being the ultimate confidante these days.  I’ve dreamt of Bonny Island a few times, a place I’ve made up my mind to visit very very  soon. I also want to visit Aba. My home town. I’ve never been there alone except the times I went with my family which wasn’t really much fun. All we ever did was go out to eateries for meals, back in the car, to my grandma’s house, repeat. We literally never walk on the streets & get to talk to Aba people, smell them or get a little close to them at least and then there is their  poor hotel facilities but besides these, I really like Aba. It feels like home. Seeing Yagazie Emezi and everything she is, knowing she grew up in Aba and visits sometimes makes me want to visit too and like she does, sort of like a tourist this time, taking pictures and talking to people.  Oh shit! I blasted you already. I’m not even sorry, you signed up for this by starting to read. 

Moral of the story : There’s none. 


I’ve had a hard time calling my Style by a name. You know? Like one single name. I have alot of words that describe it but I can’t seem to fit them all in a word. Words like 20th century, afros, casual, comfortable, sneakers, baggy, Afro-american, vintage & retro describe my Style. I put up 20th century first  just because it’s the major thing about my Style. I’m talking about the baggy jeans, overalls with no shirts underneath (Jodeci style) , combat boots, Doc Martens(a favorite)  reef sandals, flipping baseball caps backwards, wearing reeboks, filas , bandanas, stripped sweaters  all from the 90’s and then the mini skirts, crop tops, ripped jeans, spandex, lacoste, Mickey Mouse clothing from the 80’s and wide leg pants from the 70’s to name a few. I would confess honestly that Instagram has helped nuture my Style & shape it into what it is right now as I can comfortably look at an  outfit layout, admire it but still know that I would never feel like myself putting it on. By instagram of course you know I mean the people I follow, so I’m showing you 10 NORMAL people  on instagram who share the same style as me and have had the right amount of influence on my Style within the year.
In no particular order 🙂 

  • Neomasango 

  •  730t 

  • Quinnwilsonn

  • Bubuogisi 

  • Sensitiveblackperson 

  • Mmalaya 

  • _chicadeoro

  • Skumbagg_

  • Samiahamps 

  • Nikishabrunson  

All photos are products of screenshots from their instagram accounts. I left their handles on the screenshots  just in case there’s a mistake in my typing &  for those that want to check  out their actual instagram accounts. 

Till our next scoop! Enjoy your weekend 🙂  



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