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Merry Christmas you guys! I’m having a swell time in the company of my family so I’m excited. It’s only  tradition to wrap up on the blog for the year. 2016 has been an amazing year honestly. With my blog starting in May, I’ve had 507 visitors, 21 followers and a total of 1,026 views on all blog posts so far. I’m grateful to all of you readers and mostly to God. I’m going to bless you with FACTS about me and hopefully plan a giveaway soon. I hope these facts aren’t weird/unusual but enjoy! 🙂 

  • I’m fairly introverted so  I talk to myself 100% of the time, like ALL the time. Call me crazy but I like my own company. 
  • I have a horrible diet, like I can wake up in the morning and eat biscuit or anything junk + I don’t like  fruits. Uggghh. I can eat them but I just don’t like to. I honestly  don’t know how I’m this  skinny. 
  • I hate bread. If I had a choice, I would never eat it. 
  • I’m not allergic to anything. My body is like “Super “. 
  • I love to run or jog. Like I would do it every day, every hour. I just love to run, it makes me feel good about myself & Confident. 
  • Beatrice Prior from the movie “Divergent” is literally me in real life. Introverted, Dauntless, Strong, Resilient. You name it. She’s me.  
  • In my alone time, I play dress up and make notes. I pair clothes to make a complete outfit and I write it down so I don’t have issues dressing up when I want to go out. 
  • I hate people who aren’t opinionated. Uggghh! Especially girls! Like they ask for your opinion on EVERYTHING. What hairstyle should I carry next? Should I call or text him? Should I buy this? Like just do what you want! The most annoying of all is “what color should I use on my nails?” like how can you even ask someone else that? If I ever need new nails, I would have a color in mind before getting to the salon or something . 
  • I can’t dance to save my life! Like I learn trending dance moves a year or 6 months after they fade away. Literally. 
  • I hate makeup  with everything in me. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever.I only use lipstick.I use it a few times but not for long.  Nigerian weather is so unfavourable so except I’m going to be in an Air Conditioned place or something, no Thank you.
  • I’m that model that never gets picked at castings. I was at a total of like 8 castings and didn’t make it through in at least 1. I modelled with an agency for about 6 months and walked 2 shows in total and that’s because I was directly booked. 
  • I’ve had one “actual” boyfriend in my young life.  
  • I have been to nearly 20 states in Nigeria and I’ve never been outside Nigeria. 
  • I have 3 siblings,2 sisters and 1 brother then my little cousin that stays with us permanently. That’s 5 kidssssss!
  • Age 10 was the worse age in my life, I was bullied at school so much by this one boy,  that I was such a sad and aggressive girl. I would act like I was okay but then cry in Secret. 
  • I don’t speak any Language in the world besides English. 
  • I can die for cuddles and hugs. I totally love them. They’re so addictive 😦
  • I don’t have a favorite song or movie(maybe the Notebook) . 
  • I’m 19, 5″8 and I weigh 50kg. 
  • I’ve never gotten drunk or smoked anything. Those things don’t appeal to me. 
  • Mr Biggs Jollof rice is the most underrated thing! I looooove it! I know they’re dead and stuff but their Jollof rice has my heart. 
  • ALOT of people feel threatened by me. It’s the saddest part of my life. I don’t know what it is but alot of people just don’t like me for reasons I’m oblivious of. Maybe because they feel I’m better or something. I just can’t quite place what they see. 
  • Friendship and my relationship with other people is really  important to me. You have to be trustworthy and full of Intergrity. That’s how I was raised.    

See you in 2017!


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