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Happy new year guys! I’m back in school and so I miss my family but not so much anymore because  I’m so overwhelmed with things that I have to begin to put in place. I hope all of you are too! Besides all of that I’m so good as I recently went thrift shopping to satisfy my denim craving and I’m now in school,  means I get plenty of ‘alone time’. One thing I’ve done in these first 12 days is to Successfully cut ties with a few people that I just didn’t need in my life anymore – I literally walked out on them. I have no regrets whatsoever, I’ll be evaluating more of my relationships and cutting more ties that do not bring me spiritual nourishment especially because God has recently become the centre of my life and everything that I do evolves around whether or not it’s pleasing to him. 

Anyways, I’m writing to share my thoughts on kids  I’ve recently (in the past one year) had relationships (not sexual) with. 


  1. They all belonged to Privileged families 
  2. They were all nice to me at first until later because they believe that based on class they are ‘better’ than I am. 
  3. They would all expect me to cancel whenever I made plans with them. 
  4. They never had faith in our ‘Relationship’. They all expected me to be fake and not be there for them etc 
  5. They always wanted to ‘have fun’ like partying and having sexual relationships because they thought that’s all I was friends for. 
  6. And I would always try to enforce what my idea of true friendship is. Reliability, Consistency, Honesty and all that but they were clueless. 
  7. They all expected my relationship with them to not be of non-importance to me. If you read my previous post you’d see what I said about relationships with people. 

So this got me thinking until I saw a video this morning on instagram talking about ‘Generations ‘. I went further to  read about it online and I finally understood why these boys acted in the strangest way towards me. I didn’t see things the way they did nor did I  understand how they thought. 


There’s a classification of humans  according to the era they grew up in because scientists believe that the time that children grow up has the ability to  affect their mindset and behavior . There’s the ‘Generation X’  and ‘Generation Y’-also known as Millenials or  Echo boomers. This generation which is ours at the moment is said to be way larger than the previous and is said to have begun in the mid 80’s till early 2000’s. Most Kids in this generation are told that they are special, all the time. They are told that they could  have anything they want in life, just cause they want it  . So you take these kids put them in college, they graduate, they get a job and they find out they’re not special. Their moms can’t get them a promotion. By the way you can’t just get it because you want it. And in an instant their whole self image is shattered. And we end up having a Generation with lower self esteem than the previous. And raise alot of Narcissist children especially Boys. We live in a Facebook – Instagram world, in other words we’re good at putting filters on things. We’re good at showing people that “life is AMAZING!-even though I’m depressed” . If you add technology to this? Worse! Engagement with social media releases a chemical called Dopamine that’s why when you get a text – feels good. That’s why we count the likes because we get a hit of Dopamine,  feels good. Dopamine is the exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we Smoke, Drink, in other words it’s highly highly addictive. Too many kids in this Generation do not know how to form deep,  meaningful  relationships. They will admit that most of their friendships are superficial. That they don’t count on their friends, they have fun with their friends but they also know that their friends will cancel on them if they make plans. Breeding a generation of unreliable and irresponsible kids. 

Therefore with this I’m able to say that I’m confidently exempted from the Status quo. I’m not done reading on Generations,I mostly just quoted from the video and the much I’ve read.  It’s really educating and if you like to learn like I do, then wyd? Go see what Google says about it and if you’ve had any experience with “Status quo kids”  please comment below, and if you know anyone that this reminds you of, let me know below too! 

I hope you learnt the smallest thing from this post! 

Till our next Scoop, bye. 


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