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If you’ve been following my Instagram, then it’s no secret that I enjoy busy environments and where there’s alot going on. It’s one of the reasons I’m just naturally so happy when I’m in Lagos. Busy and Colorful places are my main sources of Inspiration. I get so comfortable, I catwalk and I smirk. How I feel about Colors, Icecream, 20th Century Fashion and Organza, It’s exactly how I felt as soon as I walked down Mission Hill, Umuahia. Euphoria. That’s the word. With  Buses, Tricycles, Hawkers, Shouts and Vehicle horns. I was Home. I kept wishing I had baterries in my camera so I could take pictures as I followed a girl whose destination was same as mine – Abia State University, Umuahia Campus. I was going to be with my friend whose birthday was that day. I couldn’t wait to get to the mall so I could get my batteries and be back the next day. I eventually  did but It was Saturday, not as busy as my first day – Friday. I was quite disappointed but I took pictures anyway. It felt good – being a tourist in my Home Town. I got to see a train live for the first time too. I was thrilled. Besides the poor design of roads and numerous refuge dumps, I liked everything else about the City.  I visited Gate, Mission Hill, Garki Road, Opet Junction and Bank Road. I also discovered that Kilimanjaro restaurant has amazing Spaghetti! You should try It out if you’re ever around any of their branches. 

P. S :UMUAHIA is translated as “Children of the Market” or “Market Children”  in English language and is the Capital of Abia State, located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. 


3 thoughts on “TOURIST AT HOME :UMUAHIA 

  1. That’s true but the culture and the presence of “historic art” can serve as a reflection to the present day art that’s invisible at Umuahia…you are welcome dear💕


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