Hi!  I’m Chiazoka Erondu but  if that’s not easy to keep,  my other name is Raayner. I’m an 19 year old Nigerian girl, born on the 30th of July and a student of  Public Administration at the Abia State University, Uturu. I love books so I’m  constantly reading and making a conscious effort  to learn so I can expound my mind and acquire skills to enable me be relevant in this fast evolving world. This is what I want to share with others out here, teenagers especially. How relevance is born. Fashion and Style, Nature, Food, taking pictures  and eating  Ice cream are a few of my favorite things and these I’ll be  showing too. I love to attend events and get to meet people though Solitude is my comfort zone. I imagine traveling  and getting to experience new stuff ( I’lld love that). I’m basically just blogging about “me” from my fashion style to my ideas and  thoughts to my lifestyle and all that stuff. I just might change your life ☺

Feel free to reach out to me here  as I’m open to suggestions and interactions as well as on any other social media account. I’ll be thrilled! If were age mates or close, that’ll be great. If we have stuff in common like Ice cream eating or love for pictures, even better. LOL. I love getting to know others like me, so, please reach out.

CONTACT: eronduraayner@gmail.com                              
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram >@chiazokaa  || Twitter > @raayneraice || Tumblr > chiazoka 


Chiazoka E. is open to sponsorship from brands that will be of interest to her as well as her readers. Email for more info.                                           COLLABORATIONS AND PRODUCT REVIEWS  :  Email  for more Information. 


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  1. lovely post, you’ve really made me rethink about people in Abia state University. love you to the moon and back. keep doing the good work….

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